Existing Member Registration

Hello Titans!

Registration is two-step process again this year. Each player must first renew with Basketball Ireland every season (BI PIN remains the same). Once you have registered with Basketball Ireland, you can register with Titans, and your Basketball Ireland registration fee will be automatically deducted from your Titans BC registration fee (Titans have paid your BI registration fee previously). 

Here is a step by step for returning players:

  1. Go to Basketball Ireland Registrations GABB link: https://membership.mygameday.app/regoform.cgi?aID=28214&pKey=1bada7a1857cfd4a6e6442411cc6a3c8&formID=95139 and make sure you register with the same email address you used last year, spelling your name the same way, and using the same date of birth. Can’t remember? Please search your email inbox for last year’s confirmation email from with subject line ‘Successful Registration for Titans BC’. If you can’t find which email you used, contact Elle or Virzhiniya. Do not create a new account.
  2. Follow the GAMEDAY prompts. If you’re a returning member, when you get to this screen make sure you leave the Club section blank and just click the right arrow next to your name.
  3. Write down BI PIN as you will need this number when you go to the Titans registration later.
  4. When asked for a club name on the next page, ensure ‘Titans BC’ is selected.
  5. Once you have completed the transaction you will receive confirmation of BI Registration from <> to your email. 
  6. When registration is confirmed, proceed to titans.ie Registration page and click on the Clubforce registration link: https://member.clubforce.com/memberships_cart_m.asp?LL_ID=2359&intMF_ID=11006#topp 


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