Garda E-Vetting

All adults involved with juveniles in Titans Basketball Club are required to have Garda E-vetting completed with Basketball Ireland. Any juveniles over the age of 16 and under the age of 18 who are involved in coaching juveniles in the club must also be Garda vetted.

To be vetted, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Contact the club’s registrar () to ensure that you are registered as a volunteer/coach/manager and confirm your BI PIN number.
  2. ¬†Visit Basketball Ireland’s Garda Vetting page to download relevant forms and for more instructions.
  3. Contact the Club’s Childrens Officer () to arrange to meet to verify ID – bring completed form and photocopied ID documents.
  4. The Club’s Childrens Officer will then forward these documents to Basketball Ireland.
  5. You will receive an e-vetting invitation by email and you then complete the vetting process online, which Basketball Ireland forwards on to the National Vetting Bureau.
  6. You will receive an email from Basketball Ireland with your vetting disclosure. You should then forward on this email to   and cc so that the club has a record of your vetting.