National League 2016/17 Rules


  1. The MNCC will operate two 12-team Leagues (Super League & Division One). This will necessitate a longer season. Depending on the optimum fixture list this will most likely mean that the Super League season (comprising 22 league games plus Cup games) will start one week earlier (Sept 24/25) and finish one week later.
  2. The Division One season (comprising 18 leagues plus cup games) will be shorter than the Super League and will start later.
  3. The National League Launch will take place on Wednesday September 14 th at 6 o’clock in the evening ( to facilitate travel) in the National Basketball Arena and willinclude
    • The first round cup draw.
    • Distribution of complimentary basketballs to all teams
    • Distribution of promotional and sponsorship materials
    • Photography of players for media purposes
    • Attendance of one club official and a player is mandatory. More are welcome and Head Coaches would be particularly welcome.
    • A fine of €200 will be applied to any club which is not represented as outlined above.
  4. The first Marquee weekend for the Super League (where all 12 teams come together to play one league game in the National Basketball Arena) will be on the weekend of Oct 15/16). The fixtures for this weekend will be decided on the league placings last season plus the two new additions (so 1 v 7; 2 v 8; 3v 9; 4 v 10; 5 v 11 and 6 v 12). The reverse fixtures will be played in the second Marquee weekend which will most likely be in February at a venue to be decided.
  5. The first round of the Cup will be a two-legged fixture as in recent years.
  6. The team finishing last in the Super League will be relegated to Division One for the 2017/18 season. The team winning Division One will be promoted to the Super League for the 2017/18 season. In the case where circumstances arise which jeopardise the aforementioned movements or otherwise effect the League, the MNCC retain the right to make whatever decisions they deem appropriate to protect and maintain the integrity of the National League.
  7. The team finishing last in Division One must re-apply for membership of the National League, along with any new applicants for membership.
  8. For the 2016/17 season, the Super League will run on a 22 game home and away basis (incorporating the Marquee weekends).
  9. For the 2016/17 season, Division One will be split into two conferences of six teams and will be played as follows-
    1. Teams play the other 5 teams in their conference home & away
    2. Teams play the 6 teams in the other conference once
    3. From the final tables in the two conferences a series of play-offs will decide
      1. 1 & 2 (Nth) and 1 & 2 (Sth) will play-off for positions 1 to 4 nationally
      2.  3 & 4 (Nth) and 3 & 4 (Sth) will play-off for positions 5 to 8 nationally
      3.  5 & 6 (Nth) and 5 & 6 (Sth) will play-off for positions 9 to 12 nationally 
    4. From these final positions, entry in to the Champions Trophy and the League Cup will be decided as will the last position in the league. Details will follow with the fixture list.

  10. Rule Changes: There are no changes from last season. However, it is agreed that a meeting of all National League clubs must be held before Christmas 2016 to actively consider in detail the merits of the Belfast Star proposal to adopt the “Australian” system for season 2017/18 and also consider whether rules should be changed to promote a pathway to international representation for National league players.
  11. It was agreed not to seek entry into the FIBA Europe Cup next season primarily because of scheduling problems and high costs. However this possibility will be kept under review for future seasons.
  12. It was agreed to fully support the Men’s Senior International team travelling to the European Championships this summer. How we can best do this will be discussed at our next meeting.

National League Northern Conference:

  • Letterkenny I.T.
  • Sligo All-Stars
  • Titans
  • Maree
  • Kestrels
  • Dublin Lions

National League Southern Conference:

  • I.T. Carlow
  • Blue Demons
  • Neptune
  • Killorglin
  • Team Kilkenny
  • Fr Matthews